About HCI

In 1995, HCI wax was established in Jingmen, China, where one of the largest Chinese refineries is located.

HCI wax started as a local distributor for various refinery products such as, wax, asphalt and lubricants. In 1996, due to the increased worldwide demand for wax produced in China, the decision was made to make HCI WAX a global import and export corporation.

HCI wax has became a leading petrochemical products suppliers after 20 years development. We have completes a high effective global resourcing and marketing network by operating branch offices in the major wax consumption and production countries and regions. Provide our customer the most flexible, customize supplying solution, truly implemented our business philosophy as “Global approaching with a local view”.

HCI’s mission is to supply our customers with products at a fair price that are consistent not only from batch to batch but from order to order. Customer satisfaction, customer service and on time delivery is the bedrock HCI wax's fast growing.

HCI wax team of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals is ready to serve you and supply you with the finest petroleum products to insure your complete satisfaction.