After Chinese National holiday,the marketing is still as stable as last month,but now the low melt point paraffin wax supply is tightly and price kept going up. In Asia countries,due to the crude oil price kept going up,meanwhile the U. S. dollar exchange rate is now rising every day,Based on customer feedback,some of them want to wait and see the trend of U.S dollar,but few ones need to buy as per their requirments. In Latin American marketing,consider the fluctuation of paraffin wax price,customers need to collect more and more information first and then they will make a decision whether to buy or not,but some countries also imported paraffin wax from China as before,like Mexico,Guatemala and so on. We HCIWAX has specialized in various kinds of paraffin wax, micro crystalline waxes,slack waxes for over 20 years and we can tailor make the wax suggestion based on users from different areas at different period of time. For more information, please contact me at