Paraffin Wax

Paraffin waxes are separated from crude oil during the production of light(distillate) lubricating oils. These waxes are categorized by oil content and the degree of refinement. The crudest versions fall into the slack wax category and contain between 5% to 20% oil. Next on the step of refinement are scale waxes containing between 1% to 5% oil. The highest grade of refinement is the fully refined wax. Fully refined paraffin waxes contain less than 0.5% oil and have been hydro treated or clay treated to remove impurities and color. The resulting waxes are water clear, odor free, and normally food grade.

Paraffin waxes are used in dozens of applications in including: candles, corrugated boxes, paper coating, board sizing, and many other applications. HCI wax paraffins are selected for their purity and consistent quality.

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Set Descending Direction
Product Drop/Melting Point ℃/℉
(ASTM D87)
Oil Content Max%
(ASTM D721)
Color in Saybolt or No.
(ASTM D156)
Needle Penetration 1/10mm @25℃
(ASTM D1321)
(ASTM D1833)
Kinematic Viscocity @212℉
(ASTM D445)
Ultraviolet Absorbance
Flash Point ℃
(ASTM D92)
FR50/52 50-52/122-125 0.5% 28min 14-22 2 N/A N/A N/A
FR135F 56-58/132-136 0.2-0.5% 26-30 8-13.5 N/A 3.4-4.0 pass 220
FR145F 62-64/144-148 0.3-0.5% 26-30 11-16.5 N/A 4.8-5.6 pass 240
SR130F 54-57/130-135 2.0% 26-30 25-40 N/A 3.4-4.0 N/A 220

4 Item(s)

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